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holy crap this is glam! ha, cute.

Name: jackkk
Age: 15
Favorite Music (specific bands/artists): the blood brothers, yeah yeah yeahs, the bled, tbs, *the distillers*, mars volta, brand new, ying yang twinssss heyyyy, THIRD EYE BLIND, rilo kiley <333 the list can go on and on.
Least favorite bands/artists (at least 8): hilary duff, GC, simple plan, aslee simpson!!@!@ aaah i hate her, macy gray, metallica, jojo, slipknot...ew.
Favorite Movies: an affair to remember, kill bills, sleeping beauty, and garden state twas amazing
Favorite Books: catcher in the rye</b>
Favorite Television Shows: souf parq, haha
Top 3 famous crushes: eh, i dont really have "crushes"
Tell us a word that we probably do not know and define it (it could be a real word or one you made up, but PLEASE do not use the dictionary): poppycock- nonsense
Share one strong view that you have on ANY topic. (Be clear and elaborate!): i think that euthanasia (sp?) should be legal. there are people are in a lot of pain and they just want it to stop without taking 1234 pills or shots a day. its sad.
Name 5 crazy things you've done: hmm, i dont know if theyre "crazy" enough but-
skinny dipped
snuck out
walked across a really high piece of wood (i twas harnessed though ha)
rode on top of a car
brought organo to my old catholic middle school, told the 7th graders it was pot, and i got suspended. haha, gheeey.

Name 5 mistakes you've made:
falling for guys too easily
getting 2 d's on my progress report, whoops.
lying to my sister, she doesnt trust me now :(
cheated on 2 boys, only once though
hmmm and woke up too early today

What did you do today? i just woke up and i ate a waffle. exciting eh?
Promote us anywhere on LJ (using our promo picture) and provide the link: ill promote it on my eljay ;) xladyxmeatx
Why should we accept you at glamouresque?: i twas invited? hmm, i dont know, itd be nice. :o)
PICTURES! No less than 3. No more than 8.

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